We organize excursions

1. Explore the endless Aegean Sea, on a yacht. We can arrange a fantastic tour- swimming around the Greek islands and the peninsula of Chalkidiki, depending on your choice.

2. Greece is considered as a leading European center in the production of high quality fur products. These products are popular and appreciated throughout the world. We organize shopping tours in Kastoria – it is an opportunity to buy the fur of your dreams at a price that is much lower than those that appear on the price- lists in fur- salons in Russia. Transfer to Kastoria which is located on the shore of the mountain lake ”Orestiada” at 650 m above sea level.

3. If you wish, then we can organize a trip to Mount Athos, the 3rd ”finger” of Chalkidiki- the most beautiful and inspiring of all. You can visit the holy Mount Athos as well as the 20 orthodox monasteries including the Russian monastery of St. Panteleimon. Hotels on the peninsula are not many and they are located at the very beginning in a small resort town called ”Uranopoli”. Today Athos is an autonomous state with an area of 336.000 sq.m which has its own charter recognized by the Greek government and parliament.

4. Excursion to ”Meteora”.  A place with unique monasteries that were built in the 14th century by ascetics. Meterora look likevertically standing pillars, reaching a height of 600 m. The creation of these rocks dates back over 60 million years ago. Then this area was filled with prehistoric sea and during prolonged exposure to wind andwater these bizarre forms were created.

5. Excursion to the hot springs ”Loutra Aridea – Edessa”. 100 km from Thessaloniki, between the green forest on ”Voras” mountain and the river of ”Thermopotamos” (means warm river), ”loutra pozar” thermal springs (Aridea) are located. Hydro- medicinal service provides everything that is necessary for its visitors. 2 pools, one of which is natural with a waterfall, divided into 2 parts with cold and warm water. The water falling from above, offers you a great massage. The water’s temperature reaches 37 degrees. Here you will enjoy the river, the mountains, the crystal clear air, the mineral water that flows at every step.

6. Rest in Chalkidiki with children. Chalkidikis’ attractions for children- it is primarily the ” Petralona cave” near the resort of Nea Kallikaratia. The majestic cavesguarantees to enchant young tourists. Additionally the story of thediscovery of the skull of the first human in Europe will increase their interest.
A variety of children’s’ entertainment can be found in Chalkidiki, as well as in Thessaloniki.
Actually you can dedicate a couple of days to your visit in Thessaloniki, so that children get the maximum pleasure out of theattractions located here- the Zoo park of Thessaloniki, the amusement park ”Magic Park”, as well as one of the largest water parks in Europe ” Waterland”.